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Why setup an ERP ?

Because using this unified system, users in different trades work in an identical application environment, which is based on a single database. This model ensures data integrity, non-redundancy of information, and reduced processing times.


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Dolibarr is an ERP / CRM (Enterprise resource planning / Customer Relationship Management) for small and medium enterprises or associations.


Watch the demo online: "demo" login, "demo" password



Main modules (can be activated or not):

  • Directory of prospects and / or customers and / or suppliers
  • Directory of contacts / addresses
  • Catalog of products and services
  • Inventory management
  • Management of bank accounts
  • Order management
  • Management of commercial proposals
  • Management of service contracts
  • Customer and supplier invoice management
  • Payment Management
  • Management of bank transfers
  • Shipping Management
  • Management of association members
  • Employee leave management
  • Management of expense reports
  • Management of social charges / VAT
  • Registration of employee payments
  • Double entry accounting
  • Shared diary
  • Point of Sale / Cash Register
  • Conducting polls
  • EMailing masses towards customers, prospect or users Dolibarr
  • Margin tracking
  • Harvesting donations
  • Bookmarks
  • Reports and statistics
  • PDF export of all items (invoices, commercial offers, orders, good shipments, etc ...)
  • Imports and exports (CSV or Excel).
  • Management of the VAT NPR (not collected recoverable - for the French users of DOM-TOM)
  • LDAP connectivity
  • Many other features from official modules or not (AWStats, Bittorrent, Gravatar, Google, ...)
  • Extensible by many other modules from the marketplace Dolistore


Libre Expert has developed new tools for Dolibarr that we regularly update :

dolibarr synology A specific installation package from Dolibarr for Synology NAS , it is on sale on the Dolistore, the Dolibarr modules marketplace, at this address :
extra admin tools The Extra Admin Tools module, with features for administrator, including: an easy module installer (to use files from Dolistore), an integrated file manager (copy, move, delete, archive, edit, rename, view, search) ), a backup configurator : incremental storage, report by email (works together with cron, bash and tar), a Dolibarr file integrity checker (to keep an eye on the changes made). It is on the Dolistore at this address :
dolibarr premium synology A specific installation package from Dolibarr for Synology NAS in Premium version , it includes the Extra Admin Tools module (described above) preinstalled with Dolibarr. It is sold on the Dolistore at this address :
Dolimigration The Dolimigration tool aims to help you migrate your Dolibarr application from the Windows system , on GNU / Linux , by creating a ready-to-install Deb package, on Ubuntu or Debian compatible systems . It is sold on the Dolistore at this address :
logo linenumbers The Line Numbers module displays on the Dolibarr creation screens (propal, invoice, supplier order, shipping, price request, delivery and order) and on the generated PDF files, the line numbers in a new column to find more easily elements on long documents. It is sold on the Dolistore at this address :
logo interventionconsumptions The module Intervention consumptions adds a "Consumptions" tab on the Dolibarr "Intervention" page, as well as a new pdf template of an intervention sheet. It allows you to create sales proposals or invoices using the products / services added for the intervention in the new tab. It is sold on the Dolistore at this address :


Libre Expert accompanies you to:

- The feasibility study

- Customization

- Installation and configuration

- Training

- Integrating the software into your work environment

- Data recovery

- The development of specific modules

- Provide maintenance

- Provide hosting if needed

 contact us and discuss your project