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Libre OS USB


Libre Expert offers its product Libre OS USB, a dedicated GNU / Linux system bootable for Usb devices with persistence of settings and encryption of personal data. The product is designed for PCs with 64-bit processors, the interface is in English by default but can be changed to any language in a few clicks. This product evolves with the updates coming from Ubuntu and also according to improvements desired by users , the proposed model is currently based on Ubuntu MATE 18.04 LTS for version 6.0 of the system.



Your key / disc only a few grams can become your traveling office ! Connect it on any compatible machine and start the Libre OS USB operating system from your USB device, and you will have a modern and fast desktop environment capable of connecting to the Internet with all common tools ! Thanks to the persistence of data your settings are retained and your data too! You can also add software just as on an ordinary Ubuntu installation !


Also useful if you have a dysfunctional computer, using this key go to your drives and recover your data easily!


Ideal also for entertainment since a dozen classic and friendly games are pre-installed, or to work on your documents with office software!

Your key / drive is capable of booting both UEFI / Secure Boot ( New generation of computers since Windows 8) and in Classic Mode ( Legacy / CSM) while maintaining data persistence .

The personal data of the user's home directory are automatically encrypted by the Linux kernel and these will only be accessible after entering the user's password. This is to secure its data in case of loss or theft of your USB device.


The system is based on Ubuntu MATE a derivative of Ubuntu (The most famous Linux in recent years) with the advantage of being lightweight, complete and fast to work everywhere!


Are preinstalled or potentially installable on the Libre OS USB key among others these softwares :

- Browsers Google Chrome(downloadable) and Firefox

- Many Internet tools (Thunderbird, Skype downloadable, Filezilla, Bittorent, Pidgin, Teamviewer downloadable...)

- Encryption of your home folder with Encfs

- Ability to synchronize your data with a cloud service (ownCloud, Dropbox, ...)

- Many classical games (Sudoku, Mahjong, Solitaire, Chess, ...)

- Full office suite LibreOffice

- Music and video player VLC

- Editing and audio recording with Audacity

- Photo editing with The GIMP, drawing with Inkscape (downloadable) , Simple Scan to scan your documents and Cheese for using the webcam

CD-Audio ripping and burning

- Partitioning tool with GParted

- File manager with Caja

- Wine (downloadable) to use specific Windows programs under Linux


We choose quality by ensuring that tool for 3 years.


On demand we can personalize this product.


What we propose on our online store :

The system on usb key is available in our online store by clicking this link.

The system on SSD disk is available in our online store by clicking this link.

Downloading the raw image of the system is available in our online store by clicking this link.

A manual update of your system is available in our online store by clicking this link.

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